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Singin' In The Rain 

What people are saying


Sunday In The Park With George 

Celeste #1/ Elaine

Review By Kirk Sheppard 
(The Sappy Critic)

“Delaney Benson and Haley Root play “Celeste” and the other “Celeste” and almost steal their scenes with the deadpan comic timing and facial expressions.”


“I want to also mention Benson, who had six lines as “Elaine” but somehow made them feel like so much more.”




Review By Aaron Wallace

"The same goes for her dead-ringer daughter, Delaney Benson. She too grew her character, Louise, from outward agreeability to unleashed repression without our realizing it. Her “I said turn it off!” monologue was the stuff that breakthrough performances are made of, to say nothing of her singing. Her harmonies with Kylan Ritchie in “If Mama Was Married” were as robust and pleasing as on any of the cast recordings out there. Before that, her lovely “Little Lamb” was giving “Part of Your World” energy, but make no mistake: Delaney Benson is a formidable young talent all her own."


Singin' In The Rain 

Kathy Selden

Review By Grace Eichler
(League of Cincinnati Theatres)

“Logan Anthony and Delaney Benson star as Lockwood and Selden. Their dancing is remarkable... Benson’s voice shines, and her elegance and grace on stage add to her striking performance."


Something Rotten 

Dance Captain/ Ensemble

Review By Kirk Sheppard 
(The Sappy Critic)

 "The ensemble is full of stars-to-be, as well. I found myself drawn to the work of Delaney Benson throughout the show. That said, the entire ensemble of this production is solid and integral to the success of the show’s massive musical numbers – and they executed with the precision you’d expect from one of the country’s top MT collegiate programs."

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